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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps to collaboratively create, manage, deliver, and archive information that drives Business Operations. You can deploy an ECM Solution to distribute content in multiple languages, across External and Internal systems, Applications, and User Communities.



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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management can redefine your Organizations' ability to Unite Teams, Content and Business Processes into a single solution. Enterprise Content Management can guide you through all phases of work in your organization from Initial Planning & Discussion, Design, Production, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Corporate Administration by providing you an integration of Content, Compliance and Collaboration Solutions.

01Enhanced Records Management: Records Management will enable Organizations support the strict legal requirements needed to manage vital information. Functionality will include Metadata Management, YUI-based forms, Lifecycle Management, CMIS-based Query Access, Email Capture, Import/Export Facility and Auditing.

02CMIS/Interoperability Support: SOAP Web Services, REST and Query support for Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification, provides the most complete implementation of CMIS to date and allows CMIS compliant Clients and Repositories to interoperate and share content across information silos.

03WCM Authoring and Deployment: Significant performance improvements in deploying content to external sites through highly-parallel deployment and publishing methods. A new open and flexible deployment architecture makes it simpler to deploy content to multiple environments and allows easy integration into the web delivery tier.

04Mobile Access: The Smartphone Client provides support for Mobile devices so that ECM enables mobile collaboration for Business Processes on the go. Users can now search, view and edit content, activities and tasks from anywhere. Rather than delivery by desktop application, the client interface is designed for the new Smartphone form factors.

Business Benefits of ECM
  • Intelligent Virtual File System – As simple to use as a shared drive through CIFS, WebDAV or FTP.
  • Search Engine like Functionality and Folder Browsing Capabilities.
  • Aspect Oriented Rules Development through Simple-to-Use Wizards.
  • Rules and Actions Managed in the Server once for all Interfaces.
  • Pre-Configured Templates – Project Structures, Content, Logic, Lifecycles.
  • Forums – Threaded Discussions on Folders or Documents.
  • Simple Server Install and No Client Install and Advanced Content Security Management.
  • Highly Scalable and Fault Tolerant Service Oriented Architecture.

Enterprise Content Management Modules

Site Management

  • Customizable Page Components: Simple Definition of the Collaboration Components required for your site.
  • Site Finder: Search for Public sites, users are automatically Consumers of Public sites.
  • Site Members: Managed, E-Mail based, invite process for existing users or new users to join site; Automatic Registration for new users; Manage site invites pending, accepted, and cancel invites.
  • Site Profile: Site Metadata including name and description.
  • Favorite Sites: User Managed personal lists of favorite sites for quick access.

Document Library

  • Custom Types, Aspects and Metadata: Change Type, Add/Remove Aspects and View/Edit custom document metadata.
  • Hierarchical (Tree) or Drill-down Browsing.
  • Rich Document Metadata: Including Name, Title, Description, Mimetype, and Tags.
  • Version Control: Simple Update Process, Major/Minor Versions, Version Comments, and Version History.
  • Flash Previews: Full Flash-based Document Preview, no Download or Client Application launch required.

User Experience

  • AJAX driven UI built using the Yahoo YUI Library.
  • Drag & Drop Layouts for dashboard, calender.
  • User-friendly URLs pages are Human Readable, can be Bookmarked and E-Mailed.


  • Configurable Site Dashboards via drag and drop.
  • Site Profile: Summary information about the site including Name, Description, Site Manager(s), Type of Site (Public/Moderated/Private).
  • Site Activities: See the recent changes that have taken place across the site.
  • Recently Modified Documents: Quick access to the documents modified within the past seven days.
  • Image Preview: Lightbox style view for images in site document library.
  • RSS Feed: Configurable Dashlet for display internal or external RSS feeds.


  • Blog posting to Site and External Blogs: Post blogs as draft, to the site and/or to external blogging sites including TypePad and WordPress.
  • Dynamic Filters: Filter list of blog post based on Tags, Draft, Latest, Published internally/externally.
  • Commenting: Commenting support against blog posts.
  • Blog Archives: Find old posts based on published dates.


  • Threaded Discussions: Post topics and replies.
  • Dynamic Filtering: Tags/New/Hot/All/My Topics.
  • RSS Feed for latest discussions.


  • Simple Page Creation: Simple GUI driven page editing.
  • Cross-page Linking: Standard wiki markup for page linking such as [[My Target Page]].
  • Automatic Target Page Creation: Clicking a link to a target that doesn't exist yet opens the target page for editing.


  • Multiple Views: Day/Week/Month/Agenda.
  • Event Tagging: Tagging and filtering of events.
  • iCalendar Support.
  • Drag n' Drop Events to update.

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